Z axis and head unit targeting issue

Z axis and head unit targeting issue

The Z motor pinion gear is loose and the Y timing belt require replacement/adjustment.
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      You need to adjust the upper Z stop moving it upwards. Mark the bottom of the Z stop with a marker pen so that a visual representation can be observed when moving the Z stop. This will allow the probes to reach further into the sample cups. Test the ...
    • Z Axis Constant Move Error

      Adjust the Z Home sensor (Brass Ring) on probed holder. Make sure the magnet is aligned to within 5mm from the end or the front (where wires are) of the switch.
    • How to change AS speed settings

      Refer to page 89 of the user manual and set all speeds as shown in the tables for each axis in the [Hardware] screen. Click: Edit Settings Change values for each axis as shown on page 89. Click save Restart software The speed profile will now be set.
    • CS 12132 furnace not heating 2 pulses on proportional controller

      If you see 2 pulses on the proportional controller this means that is has no incoming AC. Check incoming power has not tripped. Places to look are; Switch Board 32A breaker Rear of CS1232 32A Breaker Check wiring inside orange power supply unit
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      Importing Your Samples There are only 9 available fields that can be imported into the program. The program only needs to set the formatting once, therefore once the formatting is complete the user will not be asked to format the file again. You can ...